Start Shining

Stop hiding and start SHINING!!!!

Saturday morning run ponderings….

Disclaimer – this post was inspired by a post written by Liora Levin – Personal Trainer & Nutritionist if you haven’t already go check out her page. She is one inspirational lady.

In her post she spoke about how she has put on muscle almost like a physical barrier, as a protection mechanism to essentially protect her soul. Hiding behind her ‘armour’.

This got thinking about myself, and how I have always had a slight frame. I have small, delicate features. On one hand this is definitely just my natural build but on the other hand I have always liked it this way. I have never wanted to bulk up not for fear of looking masculine but as I have just come to the realisation more for the fear of being seen.

You see ever since I was a child I have been extremely shy and reserved. I was always more of a follower than a leader. Hiding behind those kids who were happy to take the lead. Never contributing in class and the fear of being pin pointed to answer a question was a real one. I never put myself out there or made myself known and often I actually felt quite invisible.

This was the way I liked it.

If no one knew I was there I couldn’t be put on the spot. Therefore nothing could happen to me and I would remain safe.

The thing is in my plight to remain invisible; keeping my physical body small was just another coping mechanism. The less of me there was physically, the less likely I was to stand out or be seen.

I could easily continue hiding and protect myself from any emotional danger.

I wonder if it is a common theme for individuals obsessed with keeping thin. That they literally are trying to make themselves invisible?

Working with overweight or obese clients I know the same can be said. Many clients have expressed to me that their excess body weight is simply a protective mechanism. It helps them hide and feel safe. That they are literally hiding behind their layers of fat. Using it like a mask or a safety vest. Stripping away the fat and loosing the weight simply exposes their vulnerability and their pain.


It is so easy to judge people.

Judge them for being too thin or for being too fat but what we often forget is that there is ALWAYS an underlying emotional issue there. There is a reason that person is the way they are and that you too are not perfect. No one is perfect and we are all works in progress. So have a little compassion and a little less judgement for our fellow man. We are literally all the same, simply going through our own journeys and working through our own challenges.

Now as an adult I have come to realise that it is possible to change. That what we once thought was just a part of who we are does not need to be this way. Despite being shy and quiet in social settings as a child I certainly wasn’t this way with my close friends and family. I always knew I had more inside of me but I was just too scared to show it. I always had a fire burning inside, a drive, a passion, and purpose in me. I knew I was different and that’s partly why I was hiding but I also knew that despite portraying the role of a follower I was actually a leader. As I continuously work on my own inner growth and development I have discovered that I no longer need to be hiding. Whatever purpose it was serving in the past is gone. I am now ready to be seen for who I am. Which is the leader, healer and change maker that has been hiding inside of me all along.

If you too have been hiding, whether it is within your physical body or emotionally I see you for who you are. The world needs your individuality, your thought provoking ideas and your challenges as inspiration to other.

Stop hiding.

Start shining.

This is how change happens.

The world needs YOU.

Dionne xx

P.S. If you require support, guidance or strategies to help you step out of your own way then contact me. Lets have a chat about how I can best help you achieve your goals. Just because something has been your reality up until this point does not mean it needs to be your reality always.

P.P.S. My joy workshop on Feb 25th still has a few spots left. The tools learnt in this workshop will allow you to experience some profound emotional shifts so that your life can be one of joy- or literally whatever else you want it to be!

Start Shining
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