CONFIDENT ‘A program to bring you back into your power’


‘A program to bring you back into your power’

Do feel like you have lost a bit of your personal power?

Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself?

Are you lacking the confidence or belief in yourself that you desire?

This 3 week program is designed specifically for you!

We will be looking at thought patterns, beliefs and memories (even those you may be storing from generations before you) that may be impacting how you feel about yourself.

You will learn tools and techniques to shift these limiting beliefs.

You will learn how to create the feelings and emotions that you desire. Brining you back into your power (as it is in you even if you have never felt it before!).

You will learn practices to balance your solar plexus, heart and throat chakras.

Solar plexus chakra is all about your personal power and will. It is your strength of identity.

The heart chakra is your centre for love. Giving and receiving love as well as feeling love for self. It is the place of trysting our intuition and connecting with gratitude (the emotion of abundance).

The throat chakra is all about communication. Clear and confident communication. The ability to communicate exactly what you desire and speak your truth.

This program will be run in a private facebook group (as well as all content being sent to you via email) where you will receive:

  • 3 live trainings where you can ask ANY questions.
  • Daily tools, techniques and teachings to keep up the momentum of creating a CONFIDENT YOU.
  • Access to a private facebook group where you can ask any questions, share and feel a sense of community and inclusion.
  • Lifetime access to the facebook group to re-watch all trainings and access all the information.

Beginning: Sunday September 13th (However, the pre-work to get started is already available).

Cost: $66

VIP: $88

For VIP membership you will receive:

  • a 20 minute 1:1 session with Dionne.
  • Remedies to compliment and enhance the program according to what is shown in your session including flower essences, crystals, essential oils, creams and space mists. These will be mailed to you to use during the program.
  • The ability to text or email Dionne during the program with any questions.                    

What will the live trainings cover?

  • Live training 1: Nutting out the WHY when it comes to not feeling confident or owning your power and truth. Connecting to underlying limiting beliefs/memories/negative thought patterns so we can shift them. A meditation to step into that powerful version of YOU.
  • Live training 2: BECOMING this next version of your where you feel confident and empowered and purposeful. All the physical, mental and emotional switches that we need to turn on (or off).
  • Live training 3: Really plugging in to what needs to change to maintain this new state of empowerment. How do we stay in this high vibration once the program comes to a close and actually use all these tools to keep growing, creating and blossoming.

Plus these live training are the perfect place to ask all your questions. If you can’t join live the replay will be available and I will be checking the group throughout the course of the program for your questions and comments.

See your gorgeous face there!

Dionne xx

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