The meaning behind your period pain.

I seem to be having this conversation a lot. It’s a conversation about pain and suffering.

What working with many people over the last few years who have experienced prolonged suffering, and listening to mentors speak on the subject I have come to believe in just how purposeful both pain and suffering actually are.

We seem to view them as unnecessary unpleasantness that have simply no purpose other than to make us feel bad.

But in actual fact pain is always purposeful. The body is incredible and it doesn’t make mistakes. It also doesn’t want to make you suffer simply for the sake of it.

There is always a reason for what your body is experiencing. Whether it is that it is alerting you to the fact that something is going wrong, something you are doing/eating/believing is detrimental for you. Or whether there is simply a lesson to be learnt from the experience you are going through.

It is never a random act inflicted upon you. There is ALWAYS something to be gained from going through the experience.

I am triggered to write this today as I sit here experiencing period pain. Although very mild in comparison to some of the pain I have been discussing with clients, it too has a message for me.

If you are a woman who experiences PMS, bad cramps, irregular periods or any other hormonal dis-regulation, listen up!

It is not a random hormonal imbalance that exists simply to torment you and for no other reason. There is ALWAYS a reason for every single experience you have.

Hormonal imbalances are SO common but that DOES NOT make them normal. It DOES NOT mean they are something you will just have to deal with or take a pill to ‘regulate’ or to mask the pain. The symptoms are there to alert you to the fact that something is not right.

When it comes to something like period pain and hormonal imbalances we need to look at many different factors not simply the hormones. We need to look at:

• Inflammation
• Liver function
• Detoxification
• Blood sugar
• Diet
• Exercise
• Stress and Anxiety
• Gut function
• Nutrient deficiencies

If your hormones are out of whack, there is a reason for that.

But even more importantly we need to look at the deeper issues. Delve into the emotions. Issues relating to the reproductive system are all about self-love.

Do we truly love ourselves?

Are we honouring ourselves?

In this society most of the time the answer is no. As women we are supposed to rest when we are menstruating but for most of us this is not even an option. Our periods are viewed as more of an inconvenience that as a natural part of our physiology.

When visiting Africa I learnt about how when the tribal women get their period they must rest in a hut and not come out until the period has finished. Although slightly archaic, the idea is not wrong. This is symbolic of what is meant to happen. It is supposed to be a time of rest where women can take care of themselves. So of course there are going to be hormonal imbalances when we must continue on and not even take notice of our cycle. Just take a panadol and ‘get on with it’. You feel tired and uncomfortable as you are supposed to be resting!

No wonder living in a society where expressing your femininity is seen as weak, we aim to be more masculine.

‘Don’t shown sensitivity, as it is a sign of weakness.’

‘Be pushy, authoritarian and strong or others will walk all over you.’

As we suppress our feminine energy the imbalance results in a disruption to our reproductive system and symptoms of PMS or other hormonal conditions will develop.

We live in a society that does not value nor promote self-love. In order to release our imbalances we need to learn to love and value ourselves, forgive others, develop self-confidence, let go of negative beliefs and learn to enjoy our sensuality. Release any shame or guilt about our sexuality and understand that the feminine energy is one of immense power.

I encourage you to place awareness around your symptoms. What are they telling you?

Place your hands on your heart, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Focus your attention on your heart space and ask yourself:

‘What can I do to honour me?’

Feel your heart expanding beneath your hands and send love to those around you but most importantly send love to yourself.

Make a commitment to listen to the needs of your body and do something every day that nourishes your soul.

We must learn to listen to our mind, body and spirit if we truly want to live the most fulfilling and freeing lives possible.

Dionne xx

The meaning behind your period pain.
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