Empowering you to connect to your authentic self and reach your potential


At Dynamic Health Kinesiology we believe that the body holds all the answers. Our Founder and Kinesiologist Dionne Richter uses muscle testing to ascertain exactly what the body requires for healing. Dionne is so passionate about Kinesiology as it allows each session to be tailored specifically for the client. The client will receive only what the body is asking for, combined with health-based education around the condition being treated. Dionne believes that behind every physical ailment there is an underlying emotional trigger. Dionne examines emotional wellbeing with all her clients looking to get to the underlying cause of the condition, which in her opinion is the only way true healing can occur.

A Kinesiology balance involves tapping into the subconscious mind so old and unwanted thought patterns, beliefs and emotions can be brought to the surface and released. This creates a shift in consciousness for the client allowing them to have a deeper understanding of their health and feel more connected to their authentic selves. Through this process the individual is able to be more connected to their truth, their heart and their life purpose. This leaves the client feeling more confident, vital and positive.


Some of the remedies used in a session include essential oils, crystals, acupressure points, colour and sound. As Dionne is also a qualified Naturopath she looks at nutrition, supplementation and herbal medicine with all of her clients aiming to balance all aspects of the body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Dionne also runs a series of workshops where she supports all participants in a deep dive into different areas of their health and wellbeing.

Dionne is a kind and caring practitioner aiming to create a supportive atmosphere where each client feels safe. This is so important to allow physical, emotional and mental stress in the body to shift so that the body can return to a state of homeostasis.

Dionne believes each and every person deserves and is capable of living a healthy and fulfilling life and works to help her clients achieve this.

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