Pregnancy Program

Work with Dionne during your pregnancy:

  • Make sure you and your baby are getting optimal nutrition
  • Avoid nutritional deficiencies
  • Education and natural solutions for pregnancy related difficulties such as reflux, back pain, insomnia etc.
  • Prepare your body and mind for labour
  • Release fear associated with childbirth and the life changes to follow
  • Nutrition for epigenetics and reducing the chance of hereditary disease presenting in your offspring
  • Work through any emotions you want to release before birth so both mum and baby do not have to carry them
  • Pre-birth Kinesiology balance to determine what remedies to use during and after labour
  • Kinesiology balance to establish the best remedies to ease the baby’s transition into the physical world
  • Preparation and education around what to expect after birth and remedies that may be beneficial

To organise your pregnancy consultations please contact Dionne directly or fill out a booking request form stating in the comments the name of this program.

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