Preparing the body for conception and pregnancy

Preparing the body for conception and pregnancy- 6 month program

  • Detoxification- eliminating toxins, chemicals, heavy metals from the body which enhances fertility and reduces the toxic load on the developing foetus for optimal health. 6 week detoxification program using herbal medicine, dietary modifications and other safe and gentle detoxification practices.
  • Nutrition for fertility- Making sure your diet is optimal for getting all the right nutrients for optimal fertility. Dietary analysis and supplementation suggestions.
  • Hormonal balance- Looking at any hormonal irregularities and balancing hormones using nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and kinesiology for working with emotional drivers of hormone imbalances.
  • Stress reduction- We will look at the best stress reduction techniques for you and you will be guided in how to incorporate them into your daily life. Stress is large contributing factor for people having trouble conceiving.
  • Correcting nutritional deficiencies- Looking at blood test results and/or kinesiology nutritional deficiency testing to make sure you are not deficient in any vital nutrients needed for conception and a healthy developing foetus.
  • Herbal medicine for balancing the physical body (hormonal imbalance, stress, liver, toxicity, digestion)
  • Examining and clearing emotions- Kinesiology will be used to work through any emotional/spiritual reasons you may have trouble conceiving as well as clearing any emotions you do not want to carry into the pregnancy.
  • Epigenetics- reducing the chance of genes for certain diseases being turned on. Methylations role to play. Looking at nutritional medicine as a way to reduce the chances of familial diseases being passed on to your offspring. Education around epigenetics and how nutrition and certain supplements play a role at switching off certain genes involved in disease states.
  • Clearing family patterns- Kinesiology balances to clear family patterns when it comes to emotions and behaviours. Clearing these emotions and behaviours so you as a parent can release them as well as not pass them on to your children.

This is not a fertility program but a program designed to prepare your body to conceive easily, be nourished and at its best to carry a child, reduce the risk of complications, give your baby the best chance to live a healthy and happy life. Improved fertility is simply an added bonus.

This is a one on one program working with Dionne to prepare your body to have the best chance of conceiving naturally and easily.

Cost $750

Please email Dionne or fill out a booking request form with mention of this program in the comments section to participate.

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