Why is it so hard to just ‘be me’?

Over the last year I have been on a very intense journey of self-discovery.

My journey has been predominantly focused on ‘being me’. Being true to myself, discovering what I truly believe and value and learning to feel more comfortable and confident in my skin.

This morning I was thinking about the reason it is so difficult for so many of us to simply ‘be ourselves’. You would think it would be impossible to be anything but ‘ourselves’ but in actual fact when it comes to being true to yourself and showing up 100% fully as yourself there is often a lot of fear.

Fear because fundamentally as humans we have a need to feel ACCEPTED

To be part of a TRIBE




And as children we learn that in order to fit in, be accepted and receive love we must act a certain way, have particular beliefs and values and follow a structure of life set out for us by our parents/friends/teachers or society.

It has also come to my attention that many of us don’t actually know what we believe or what is important to us. For so long we have been acting in a way that was taught to us. From childhood we have been indoctrinated with the beliefs, thoughts and values of those around us.

So are the things we believe in truly our own or are they the beliefs and values of our parents, religious groups, friends or the society in which we live?

It has taken me nearly a year of pretty intense and daily inner work to discover what it is I truly believe in, and to feel ok sharing it despite it being different to so many around me.

I won’t lie. I still feel the fear.

The fear of being judged, of being made fun of, of not being accepted for who I truly am.

But I have come to realise that the only way to feel fully fulfilled, free and happy is simply to be me. And the more I express how I feel, what I believe and who I am, the more I attract those who are fundamentally similar to me.

The more I discover I am not alone.

You will not find your soul tribe when you are in hiding. How can THEY find you when you are hidden away?

So my message to you today is that you are ok

You are SAFE


And you are LOVED

Simply for being YOU

And that there is no greater liberation than unleashing the power you are hiding inside yourself

Why do you think we are all so stressed?

Sure we lead busy lives but much of the time it is due to an unhappiness of living a life that is not in alignment with who you truly are.


And have much to share with the world

Dive deep into your soul and discover what it is that is truly YOU

That lights YOU up

And let that uniqueness shine out into the world

In my opinion this is the most powerful way to make the world a better place

And create a happier and more harmonious mankind

And that is ALL I could wish for

Dionne xx

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Why is it so hard to just ‘be me’?
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