One on one consultations

I was fortunate to meet Dionne at Botanica. She helped me eradicate my H Pylori in a completely natural way without any antibiotics.

What I liked about Dionne was that she genuinely took her time to get to know me, my symptoms, my history and my diet.  Based on my condition, she gave me some custom made herbs that I took for a period of 2 months. On top of that, I strongly changed my diet (following her advice). Eventually all my symptoms disappeared after 2 months. I did another test to see if H Pylori was still in my body and the test came negative.

I could have gotten rid of it over 7 days (instead of 2 months) with antibiotics but I would have caused lots of damage to my gut. That’s something you need to remember: the natural way takes longer but it does work, and it’s better for you.

Thanks so much Dionne for helping me get my health back!

Mosh Hamedani

Dionne has lifted me out of despair and has began my path of healing. After trying many conventional forms of medicine and venturing down the path of other alternative medicines, for acute menstrual pain that I have suffered since being an adolescent, Dionne has taken careful dedication into helping me. Working with her, I am lessening my anxiety around the pain I experience and feeling healthier with improvements in my symptoms.

Bree Burke


I found this workshop very beneficial and have taken away some great tools to use not only in my personal but also professional life!

Dionne has a very gentle approach and peaceful, calm way of running the workshop. Feeling very uplifted and joyful! Thanks so much xo


I did a workshop with Dionne today and was glad I did. She managed to make it fun, interesting and relaxing, full of great information and ideas to carry on with. Would highly recommend.


Thank you so much Dionne, for the outstanding, personalised service you have given me so far in my journey to healthier eating and living! I appreciate your expert advice on recommending the correct Probiotic & Vitamins for both my body and mind! Thank you also for being very approachable and for simply caring…would definitely recommend you, always!


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