Light up your fire and SHINE.

There is a fire burning inside my solar-plexus.

It burns strong and fierce.

I see the gold and red flames in my minds eye. It is warm, warming me up from the inside out. When I think of this fire and feel its warmth, its passion, I feel EXCITED, I feel POWERFUL, I feel SUCCESSFUL and I feel like I am home. Like I have a purpose, a passion, and a life mission. That I am on my path and living the life I was born for.

The thing is for many years this fire had been extinguished, or maybe simply just burning so small I could barely feel it. Every day I was squashing it, burying any remnants deep inside.

I felt cold, removed, alienated, lonely, depressed, anxious and stuck.

Simply because I was squashing my power, my passion and my true self.

This is such a common theme I am seeing with so many of you. You are too busy trying to please everyone, fit in to society, be liked, do the right thing, listen to what your parents/friends/teachers/society etc. tell you is the right way to be, the acceptable way to act, an appropriate career, partner, way of talking, way of dressing, way of being. You have been so busy living what others have told you is the way to be that you have simply forgotten who you truly are. You too have been extinguishing your fire. The fire that once burned bright as a child. When you were full of energy, excitement, fun, ideas, imagination and passion.

Don’t you think as an adult you deserve to have that again?

Don’t you want it?

To know your passion?

To know your life purpose?

To know what lights you up inside and makes you shine?

Simply to be happy and have fun.

I see you and I know you want to feel happier, more energetic and excited about each day. And you know what, you deserve it!

You have spent too long doing what others tell you is right. It is time to own your power, step into your truth and live the life you feel inside of you.

Let those flames burn STRONG. Let them INSPIRE and EXCITE you.

This life is meant to be LIVED not just tolerated. You are a beautiful, inspiring soul and you have so much to offer this planet.

The insights that the soul uses to guide you can be quite phenomenal. Listen to them! Stop burying your fire. We have been doing this for long enough.

The world needs to see you shine. There is already so much sadness and misery. We want to see your light.

There is no better time than now.

Ignite that fire and watch it arise from the ashes. Gold, red and orange flames in your belly, burning strong and fierce.

YOU are strong and fierce.

You are full of love and passion.


Dionne xx

P.S. Did this resonate with you? Let stick together to nurture our flames and let them grow. This fire can easily be re-ignited so that you can once again feel excited, passionate, confident and full of joy. My joy workshop is the perfect place to start this journey. February 25th 2-5pm in Malvern and I am saving a place for YOU! Message me now

Light up your fire and SHINE.
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