I have been thinking a lot about confidence lately

Well really my whole life

Some people just seem to be born with it

While some people may feel they are born with none

Or lose their confidence due to life experiences

I for sure have struggled with my confidence throughout my life

But the thing about confidence is that it can be learnt

It’s the same with any way that you want to feel really

It is 100% in your hands

You have control over your feelings, your thoughts, your behaviours and actions

It is a conscious choice

That we all make daily

Whether we are going to feel confident or insecure

Happy or miserable

Excited or bored

Energetic or lethargic

I 100% believe it is a choice

And achieving this is much more simple than you may anticipate

The answer is always the same

It’s all about practice, daily practice

Being connected to who you are and if this is indeed who you are supposed to be

The intention and reason you want to be/feel/act a certain way

If it is in actual fact because you know inside you have more to offer

Rather than to prove anything to anyone

I believe we all have the potential to be confident




And excited about our lives

We just need to DECIDE this is what we want

And DECIDE that this is what we shall feel

Then every day we need to commit to ourselves

To loving ourselves

Honouring ourselves

Listening to what our bodies are telling us

And doing the work to achieving what is meant for us

When it comes to confidence there are many tools and techniques that we can employ to feel this way

But the most powerful of them all is to simply decide and acknowledge that it is already a part of you. That you are a confident person and NOW is the time to embody what you know is already inside of you.

Journal on it

Say affirmations

Change your body posture

Go do things that challenge and frighten you

But all these things are doing are reinforcing what you already know to be true

That you are perfect already, exactly as you are

And that you do not need to prove anything to anyone

Simply being you is enough

Dionne xx

P.S. Sometime is takes confidence to step outside your comfort zone and do something completely different to your norm. It takes confidence to grow as a person, to admit you need help and can’t do it all on your own, it takes confidence to shine. There is no greater feeling than once you step outside your comfort zone and realise you are still safe. I know I would never have had the confidence in the past to go to a workshop where I didn’t know anyone or take a leap of faith working with someone who I hardly know. But let me tell you it is these exact things that have impacted my life most. Not even the ‘doing something that scares you’ part (although this definitely does help with confidence and make it so much less scary each time you do it) but when you step outside your comfort zone, outside your bubble that’s when the magic happens. That is WHERE the magic happens. That is where my journey really began. Simply attending a seminar on my own and starting to work with a practitioner I knew nothing about. Sometimes you just need to follow your gut and trust your heart and it will lead you to incredible places.

My JOY workshop is on Sunday February 25th from 2-5pm. It is your chance to step outside your comfort zone, meet some amazing new people and honour yourself by taking the opportunity to do something simply for YOU. The feedback from the last one was INCREDIBLE and I know it’s the people who attend who make it what it is. That’s why I want you to join. PM or email me if you know it’s YOUR time to SHINE.

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