You deserve to be living the life of your dreams and it IS possible for you!

Life is a curious thing. We wake up each day Eat breakfast Brush our teeth Go to work Come home Eat dinner Watch TV Go to bed On repeat for 5 out of the 7 days of our week On the weekend we run around doing chores and making sure everything is done before heading […]

The benefits of deep breathing for reducing stress, anxiety and so much more!

Deep Breathing I often talk about the importance of deep breathing. How slowing down your breath and focusing on your breathing can have such a phenomenal affect on our overall health and well-being. You may be thinking, we all breath all day, everyday so what exactly is the difference between regular breathing and deep breathing? […]

Stop Sugar Cravings with Cinnamon

Day after day I hear people complaining about their sugar cravings, how they make it so difficult to lose weight, how chocolate is all they can think about and how every month these cravings are out of control. One of my favourite tools for reducing sugar cravings is incorporating cinnamon into the diet. Cinnamon helps […]

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